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Electrical help needed on 67 BGT

Subject: Electrical help needed on 67 BGT
From: dave houser <>
Date: Sat, 02 Jun 2001 14:57:50 -0700
Good Folks,
Well. as I stated yesterday, the "ARK" started and ran a short time.
Today, I bled brakes and clutch(still some air probs there) and rolled
it outside to have it run to warm things up and not have it set off all
the garage smoke  alarms again.
I also may have mentioned that I blew the bottom fuse on the green and
white wire side. No tach, directionals, brake lights--white/green fuse,
right? Pulled off all the greens and put them back, one at a time until
I found the culprit as it blew the fuse again! It was the thick green
wire that goes into the wiper motor. The plug that goes into the motor
goes in only one way and the wires are correctly matched and joined by
the harness' matching colors(black, black with green and the thick
green. Also, a long red/green wire out of this wiper --plug goes where?
I have it just hanging now.Why is it shorting?
Still no tach, but I have directionals. Re tach, I converted to neg
ground, did the switch the wire thing outside the case and resoldered
the resistor and ground inside the case as Mr. Twist suggests.

Also, I have left unconnected a green/brown, yellow and a green wire
capped at the harness by the regulator. Seems this harness from Moss
covers a couple of years and hence the extra(I hope) wires. (To the
heated rear backscreen, for example). Under the dash, there is an
unconnected brown wire in the area of the directional wire hookups. is
that a power take-off for a radio or something?

Well, today, started up smartly and  discovered that the ignition light
wasn't going out so I disconnected the 2 wires from the back of the
generator(will convert to alt. when all is straightened out first).
Still got the red ignition light on at the tach?
Kept the engine running till things heated up(about 200, figureded tight
new engine and just standing still with high idle of 2000 or so(kind of
hard without tach). After about 20 minutes, shut down and retorqued head
and minor valve adjustment. Phew, fresh paint on engine really stinks as
it gets baked. Will clear up once I'm on the road.

So, I can use some expert help here on my electrical problems. What do I
need to check to get my tach back, generator ignition light to go out
and stop having the green/white fuse blow?
Thanks List,
Dave Houser

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