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Re: Remade 'what makes a car a 'Classic?'

To: Richard Lindsay <>
Subject: Re: Remade 'what makes a car a 'Classic?'
From: Bullwinkle <>
Date: Sat, 02 Jun 2001 15:57:04 -0600
Bill & Rich:

Great stuff.  I've never seen the drag coefficients of cars
mentioned.  Rick, can you figure the drag coefficient from the
BHP required to attain a given MPH?  If so, run this through you
calculator.  I took this data from a graph in John Thornley's
book "Maintaining the Breed."

EX179:  (MPH,
BHP)                                                 73,12.1   
80,13.3  90,15.5  100,25
MGA     (MPH, BHP) 20,2.1   30,4.3   40,6.4    50,10    
60,15.7   70,22.9    80,33.2  90,47.9  100,69.3
MG TF:  (MPH, BHP) 20,2.9   30,5.0   40,7.9    50,13.6  
60,22.2   70,32.9    80,50    84,60

Somewhere I read in a book in regards to the TD-TF that all the
horsepower in the world wouldn't let it get much past 100.  The
phrase was "it in runs into a veritable brick wall."

And the higher gas mileage of US cars is necessary for the CAFE
laws.  When a manufacture produces hundreds of thousands of cars
which get 8-10 mpg above average, it helps offset those pickups,
SUVs, etc. that don't.


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