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Re: Remade 'what makes a car a 'Classic?']

Subject: Re: Remade 'what makes a car a 'Classic?']
From: Eric <>
Date: Mon, 04 Jun 2001 02:40:53 +0000
Michael Lupynec wrote:
> So try the Queen Mary, pushing all that water at 18 knots, still
> takes 25 miles to slow down. She's also got external stair rails.

A standard MGB also has a similar turning circle to the Queen Mary (says
he who just put 205/60 tyres on his poor little car)!

But slightly more on topic...

After driving around my local track in a MkIV Sprite racing car without
a windscreen gave me an appreciation for just what sort of drag that
hunk of framed glass must add to my car (without a roof).  

As slightly raked as it is, I felt some similarity between the 'circular
plate ("Circular plate: Cd = 1.17") and my windscreen sticking up there.

Oh no... don't do it... I must control myself and NOT go 'Brooklands"
(that would be the last straw!!!).

Adelaide, South Australia

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