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RE: Mission Accomplished... Next Mission...

To: "'Scott Allen'" <>
Subject: RE: Mission Accomplished... Next Mission...
From: "Dodd, Kelvin" <>
Date: Thu, 7 Jun 2001 09:28:10 -0700

        No real easy way.  However, I don't think the window has to come
out.  I'm pretty sure that if you remove the lower stop you can drop the
glass down far enough by undoing the winder mechanism to clear the wipes.

        I was in the process of doing this with my 73 GT when I had to stop
and store the car for a while.

        To make the job easier, fabricate a tool to hold the clips so they
can be pulled up onto the wipe and door edge.  I'd also suggest buying some
new clips too, if you have other stuff to buy.  The clips tend to rust
and/or spin off into the 3rd dimension.  New ones are cheap and anything
that will make this job a bit easier has to be worthwhile.

good luck


> Subject: Mission Accomplished... Next Mission...
> Now to my next mission, (and question): I need to replace the 
> BGT's old,
> dried, cracked, and leaking window seals, (not the one on the 
> vent window
> though).  Looking at the Bentley manual, it says that the 
> window has to come
> out.  Not looking forward to taking apart the door, I'm 
> hoping that there's
> an easier way to do it.
> Any help appreciated,
> Scott Allen
> 74 1/2 BGT
> 52 TD

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