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Re: Mission Accomplished... Next Mission...

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Subject: Re: Mission Accomplished... Next Mission...
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Date: Thu, 7 Jun 2001 13:51:36 -0500
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> To make the job easier, fabricate a tool to hold the clips so they
> can be pulled up onto the wipe and door edge.  I'd also suggest buying
> new clips too, if you have other stuff to buy.  The clips tend to rust
> and/or spin off into the 3rd dimension.  New ones are cheap and anything
> that will make this job a bit easier has to be worthwhile.

My B has pop rivets.  The TRs have clips.

Yes you have to take the door panels off to get to the inside of the doors.
Scott,  if you gently hack saw the window stop at the bottom of the door and
temporarily bend it down a little this allows you enough room to wind the
windows down to get to the pop rivets and drill them out.  Then rivet the
new trim  in after doing any length cutting..  Then you can bend the window
stop back into place and reattach the horse hair pad back on top of it.

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