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Fw: Mission Accomplished... Next Mission...

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Subject: Fw: Mission Accomplished... Next Mission...
From: "Mike Winney" <>
Date: Fri, 8 Jun 2001 17:49:00 -0700
> Scott,
> Strange how these threads can be timely.  For the last two days I've been
> reinstalling window and latch components in the door shells of my 68 GT.
> this model the window must be out in order to access the outer seal -to-
> finisher clips.  While the panel is off is a good time to check door
> alignment and position of top of window to upper door seal.  MGB doors are
> not hard to align as they can be moved fore and aft and tilted on the
> hinges.  Also, the hinges can be moved after loosening the screws and the
> nut on the back side accessed with a long extension through the splash
> opening.  As for window tilt-in, the bottom front and rear window glass
> channel brackets are slotted for in/out adjustment.  While in there clean
> out any debris in the door bottom and lube anything that moves!
> Mike Winney
> 68 MGB GT (two weeks away from completion)

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