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Re: Heater Control

To: Chris Chandler <>
Subject: Re: Heater Control
From: Stuart MacMillan <>
Date: Tue, 19 Jun 2001 08:35:20 -0700
These knobs and controls are a big PITA!  I've replaced  the ones in the
'70 from my parts collection, and they still don't fit right due to the
new dash being too thick under the knob.  I'm clamping them in place
with a couple of big C clamps to see if I can compress the material a

Here is my plan for the '64, which has both springs missing:  Put a
small piece of dense foam, like the blue foam used in sleeping mats for
camping, and glue it in the notch under the pin where the spring  was on
the shaft.  The pins I had were larger on the bottom, so they wouldn't
fall "up" out of the hole.  Worth a try, and you might put a piece of
thin metal (beer can?)  between the foam and the pin for strength.

Otherwise, it's the used parts vendors for us, and keep in mind the two
controls are different! You may need a new  knob too if the hole is
"spun out" in the knob.

Alternatively, you might be able to JB weld the spring back on if enough
of it is left in one piece.

Let me know if this works for you. 

Chris Chandler wrote:
> Grrr, I was replacing the control wire for the heater valve last night and
> screwed up the control.  ;(
> I accidentally bent the spring clip that held the little pin in the unit and
> then broke it trying to straighten it to a usable form.  Fortunately I
> managed to find the pin on the floor, but the clip is toast.
> Looking at the Moss Motors site, I can't buy the control OR the clip...
> anyone have any suggestions?  Is it available from VB (I'm at work w/o a
> catalog)?
> The knob just spins around the shaft without that pin...
> Chris Chandler
> '70 MGB Roadster

Stuart MacMillan

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