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RE: Heater Control

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Subject: RE: Heater Control
From: "Chris Chandler" <>
Date: Tue, 19 Jun 2001 11:50:45 -0400
>Here is my plan for the '64, which has both springs missing:  Put a
>small piece of dense foam, like the blue foam used in sleeping mats for
>camping, and glue it in the notch under the pin where the spring  was on
>the shaft.  The pins I had were larger on the bottom, so they wouldn't
>fall "up" out of the hole.  Worth a try, and you might put a piece of
>thin metal (beer can?)  between the foam and the pin for strength.

That sounds like a rasonably good idea, I'll give it a go.

>Otherwise, it's the used parts vendors for us, and keep in mind the two
>controls are different! You may need a new  knob too if the hole is
>"spun out" in the knob.

Whoa!  They're different?  How so?  (I've never compared the two, but why in
the world have them be different?

(After a bit of thought) Let me guess, one of them needs to turn more than
the other...

The knob worked before, but who knows now (it was SUCH a PITA to get the
stupid thing off too!)

>Alternatively, you might be able to JB weld the spring back on if enough
>of it is left in one piece.

It broke right at the bend, so that might be possible (if I can find the
piece... I chucked it in a drawer.  :(

Chris Chandler
'70 MGB Roadster

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