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Re: She's baa-aaak

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Subject: Re: She's baa-aaak
From: "Michelle Nadeau" <>
Date: Sun, 24 Jun 2001 01:13:59 -0400
<Carl French said; It is very nice to have a resource like you in New
<England (Massachusetts is sorta part of New England:-)
<Alfred, Maine 1.5 hrs from Boston  (escape, its not too late)

Hey Carl  BACK OFF! She is part of our support group in the Boston Area MG
club and you can't have her :-). I had no idea that was you Denise. The name
sounded familiar but I couldn't put it together. Dan you are absolutely
correct, Barney and Denise should collaborate on a book together so that
rookies like me can figure things out without asking the List. Like how to
bleed the clutch in under 3 hrs. and why someone ever designed the 25D to
fall apart because the clamp is to tight. I didn't tighten it, someone else
did, I just picked up the pieces. Denise knows the car, Eric's  GT from the

Mike Nadeau

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