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Re: steering wheel shake

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Subject: Re: steering wheel shake
From: David Councill <>
Date: Sun, 24 Jun 2001 12:38:45 -0600
Is this all the time or just at a certain speed? If its at higher speeds, I 
might suspect a tyre or the tyre balance. However, there is also a spring 
loaded balance damper that should reduce this vibration. Towards the bottom 
of the steering column, right by the radiator and lower radiator hose, is a 
cover and shims held by two 5/16" bolts. Remove that and a large round 
piece will start to rise out of the hole. Remove that and you will see the 
spring and damper on its underside. Check the damper for wear - for a long 
time this part was unavailable but is now carried by Moss Motors. Also make 
sure the rack has gear oil in it - if you remove this piece, you should see 
gear oil in the rack. If not, top it up with 90w gear oil. Check the rack 
boots for leaks though - they may need replaced too.

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At 04:53 PM 6/24/01 +0200, DenverD wrote:
>and the steering wheel shakes back and forth about one eight inch..
>its not constant, but almost..
>it is easy to hold it steady and if you release the not so tight grip it
>shakes slightly..
>it car runs true, that is, the nose is not shaking back and forth as the
>steering wheel goes back and forth..
>the steering is sure and positive with good feedback (if the wheel is
>griped enough to cease the shakes)..
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