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Re: steering wheel shake

Subject: Re: steering wheel shake
From: Eric <>
Date: Mon, 25 Jun 2001 23:04:33 +0930
Mike Janacek wrote:
> Had the same thing on mine last year. Turned out to be wheel balance.

I swapped rear wheels to front (rotating to even out wear) and had to
get the wheels balanced.

I hot the car back with the comment that they had balanced them 'as best
they could' but of course they said they couldn't do much for the
'buckled front left wheel'!!!


Darn - lucky it is just a cheap Rostyle.

Mostly noticable when braking lightly or when just coming slwly to a
stop.  You can definitely feel the brake pedal pulsing and a bit of a
shake in the steering wheel.

So there is another thing to check out... sloppy steering column; wheel
balance; wheel ture-ness (whether it is a wire or steel wheel).

Adelaide, South Australia

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