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Electrical Problem

Subject: Electrical Problem
From: Glenn <>
Date: Mon, 25 Jun 2001 06:45:53 -0700 (PDT)
I'm a long term lurker on this list, but am more
active on the MGBV8 list, so some of you problably
know me from there.  I have a 73 MGB with a BOP 215
This current problem isn't really a V8 problem so here

For the past couple of weeks, I would radomly get a
fluctuation in the gas and water temp gauges. 
Meaning, it would fluctuate slowly plus or minus 1/2
tank and 1/2 the temp at the same time.  On a couple
of occassions they would be go to 0 (empty / full
cold), and then blow the green fuse.  So my first
thought was bad voltage regulator (on firewall behind
tach).  Last night on the way home, I unplugged the
wires off the regulator and still blew the green fuse.
 So it shouldn't be on the Fuel Level or Water Temp

I've got a new wiring harness, and this is the first
electrical problem since the new harness / V8

Any suggestions would be appreciated.  Please cc: a
copy directly to me at as I'm on
the digest version.



'97 Toyota T100 Tow Vehicle
'75 TR7 Daily Driver / Beater
'73 MGBV8 Toy
'65 Autodynamics Formula Vee (Future Racer)
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