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Rollbar Camera Mount

Subject: Rollbar Camera Mount
From: Eric <>
Date: Mon, 25 Jun 2001 23:11:14 +0930

I have been hunting for a while now (both on the 'Net and off) for a
decent rollbar mount for a video camera.

I found a Miata-based mount but it would probably be only marginally
suitable for the 'B even with modifications.

The most important thing (and I haven't check with the-powers-that-be
yet) is that it must be secure enough to be let out on the track.  I
don't want other cars to get a faceful of flying camera if it comes loose.

Maybe there isn't one that will pass scrutineering but if anyone has any
sources or designs I would be grateful if you could send my your ideas
(probably off-list unless you think others may be interested).

If you know of such a mount but think it wouldn't pass competition
scrutineering, send it to me anyway.  I may be able to modify it - or
may just end up getting some 'in-car' shots of cruising through our
twisty hills' roads.

I expect that I would be using a little 'handycam' type camera...
nothing larger.

Adelaide, South Australia

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