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Daily grind

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Subject: Daily grind
From: "Simon.Bosworth" <>
Date: Mon, 25 Jun 2001 09:59:19 -0500
Hello all,
just wanted to do a report on my first attempt at body repair, (the MG's not
mine). I decided to replace a rusty rocker-panel on the right side of my 74
GT. Probably not a good time to start as MG2001 is coming up a week from
  Considering that there was hole in the rocker panel and it looked about
ready to fall off, it took an awful lot of time to remove the wretched
thing!  I used my trusty plasma cutter to chop off most of the rocker and
the inner panel, but was left with a lot of grinding to get the welded edges
off, messy job :-(  I then had to replace a few odd pieces that were
terminally rusted. Thank goodness the inner sill seems basically sound. I
gave the sill a couple of coats of POR15 as I don't want to go back in there
again!  Yesterday I got the inner panel welded in place and painted with
more POR15. Then I spent a few more hours trial fitting the rocker panel to
fit just right. How is it that body panels never quite seem to match up?  I
have the rocker inside painted and will weld that up tomorrow. Then I just
have the rear dog-leg patch panel and I,m done, (well apart from the
finishing and painting).  Looks like I will be at MG2001 with a nice primer
paint job on the right side :-)

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