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Re: MGB Heater box removal/refit

To: Dr David McNaughton <>
Subject: Re: MGB Heater box removal/refit
From: Charley & Peggy Robinson <>
Date: Mon, 25 Jun 2001 13:40:04 -0700

  In the Bentley manual it sez to remove the air control from the dash
and disconnect the cable from it. Then you take out one "demister" elbow
and remove the demister plate from the box and remove the demister
tubes.  Then loosen the clip holding the cable housing to the heater box
and slide the housing free of the clip.  Remove the assy from the car.

  Now the above sounds like you're supposed to remove the cable from the
car, along with the heater assembly.  It would sure make it easier to
hook the cable to the flap. 

  I noticed that someone said his air control cable was broken off the
flap.  So is mine, but I can see the flap and cable connetcion thru the
spring-loaded vent door on the passenger side of the outer box.  The
cable will push the flap shut but not pull it open.  I opened the flap
all the way with a long screwdriver and pushed it to a position between
heat and defrost with the control.  And there it has stayed for two
years!  We close the spring-loaded doors and turn off the temp control
in warm weather and the car is comfortable.  In the winter I open the
doors and turn up the temp and the car is comfy and the screen stays
"demisted."  Love that word.  JUst thought I'd mention it, YMMV.



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