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Valve Noise Revisited

To: "MGS" <>
Subject: Valve Noise Revisited
From: "Rich & Kerry Peterson" <>
Date: Sun, 22 Jul 2001 11:47:58 -0400
I've been following the thread about valve noise with some interest as I
recently concluded that my 77B with 115,000 was a tad too noisy.  The valves
are adjusted correctly (although I will have to check for rocker wear as per
previous emails) and still they clatter.  My question is this:  what is the
reason for such a large clearance and what would happen if I adjusted them to
0.007" or 0.008"?  It seems to me that the added duration that the valves
would be open wouldn't be a problem and the additional lift height shouldn't
cause any interference . . . any thoughts?

Rich P.

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