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Slow Starting When Hot 77B

To: MG List <>
Subject: Slow Starting When Hot 77B
From: Bud Krueger <>
Date: Sat, 30 Jun 2001 23:03:03 -0400
Hi there,

     A couple of weeks ago I was bragging about how easily my 77B starts.  The
Prince caught me.  The car has been starting fine, but lately there's a tendency
to bog down and load up for a moment when I try to accelerate.  Plugs were
getting sooty and showing signs of running to rich.  Spent four hours trying to
cure it yesterday.  Dug out the ColorTune and fiddled around without success.
Checked the timing, it was about 5 degrees more advanced than it should have
been.  Cleaned the air cleaners, put in a new fuel filter (old one was still
clean), checked the float bowls (clean as a whistle).  Tried spraying around the
various mounting surfaces without finding a thing.  Discovered that my SU carb
tool kit wrench doesn't fit the adjusting nuts on the new AUD135's, they're
3/8W!  Fiddled with lifting the pistons and tweaking the nuts.  No luck.
Replaced the cap and rotor to no avail (using a Pertronix ignition that works

     Eventually, I tried a new set of plugs (NGK BP6ES).  Vroom!!! Like magic.
No more hesitation.  The problem now is the engine is very reluctant to start
when it's fully warmed up.  I'm sure that, in my efforts, I have something
totally out of adjustment.  Hopefully, somebody out there can lead me in the
right direction before I just pull it all down and go back to step one.

Thanks, and a safe trip to all of you heading for MG2001.  Unfortunately, this
is not a good time for a Polaroid employee to use up vacation time.

Bud Krueger

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