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Re: transmission woes, part 2

To: "Charley & Peggy Robinson" <>
Subject: Re: transmission woes, part 2
From: jmc <>
Date: Sat, 1 Sep 01 14:47:42 -0700
I don't think he'll even attempt to rebuild the old box. I've used this 
guy for a lot of other major mechanicals on my car and he's fast, honest, 
reasonably priced and knows what he's talking about. And if says it's not 
worth rebuilding the old tranny, I believe him. I thought about trying to 
locate a recently rebuilt 3- or 4-synchro unit. And I'm not sure what 
that would even run. Regarding the conversion, he says there's about a 
day's worth of labor in it. Which, I believe, involves modifying the new 
tranny so there aren't any clearance problems. Along with wiring in the 
OD and a bunch of other things I can't remember. I took a look at another 
conversion he did and it's very neat. You wouldn't notice it except that 
stick sits a little further back. There's none of the nasty sheet metal 
"bashing" they write about in the Moss catalog. So it's really just a 
question of how a 4 sychro conversion would affect the character of my 
car. And whether the improvement is noticable and worth the approximate 
$1K total cost. Thanks.

67 MGB Roadster

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>Hi Jim,
>  Not enuff info.  How much does the pro want for the 4-synchro OD
>gearbox conversion?  How much to rebuild your box?
>  CR
>jmc wrote:
>>  His suggestion: a 4-synchro OD unit. Rebuilding the current
>> unit isn't worth it when you add up the parts and time. Swapping it out
>> with another 3-synchro doesn't make sense either since I'll just end up
>> in the same place a few years from now.

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