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Re: Spark Plugs for 52 TD

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Subject: Re: Spark Plugs for 52 TD
From: James Schulte <>
Date: Sat, 01 Sep 2001 14:33:49 -0700
I'm not talking about working like they are suppose too.  I'm talking a
significant difference that continues to improve up to the first 1000
miles and then they level off because they reach there max. efficiency.
I know there are a lot of experts out here on this list.  But , I
learned a long time ago, if it works well for you don't change because
others say it shouldn't.  Don't want to offend anyone,  but unless you
try these particular plugs,  You can't have a perspective on them.

Denise Thorpe wrote:

>  From my experience tuning cars at a quickie tune place eons ago,
> about 10% of Champion spark plugs are bad out of the box.  The race
> cars that tout Champions use a special racing style.  I once tried
> Splitfires in my '67 B and it ran appreciably worse, so I put the old
> NGK's back in (BP6ES) and it ran fine. Denise
>       Lawrie,No as a matter of fact, I had just put a new set of
>      plugs in (Champions).  Theseplugs, Halo,  are not a cure all
>      but rather they take a well running ignitionsystem a step
>      further because of the efficient burn of fuel.  Instead of
>      asingle post there is a tripod with a center opening.
>      You'll just have to try itfor yourself.  I'm not an
>      Engineer, but I know the difference they made in
>      fueleconomy, idle and performance in my 78B.Jim78B70Bp.s.
>      they only had them set up for B's at the show so not sure if
>      they haveexpanded to other models.  But, they are being used
>      all over Europe on new carsto save fuel.  For those looking
>      for a hot plug, it works!British Sportscar Center wrote: >
>      James,>> When you fitted the Halo plugs, did you replace a
>      relatively new set of the> correct grade of another known
>      brand of plug, or were you replacing a tired,> old set? My
>      25 years of experience working on MGs for a living have
>      shown> that any new plug will out-perform an old one.>> My
>      4-gas analyzer demonstrated once that a set of new NGK
>      plugs> out-performed a set of Split-Fire plugs, in terms of
>      completeness of burn of> the fuel mixture. At the
>      recommendation of another lister, I tried a set of> the
>      fancy Bosch plugs that have four electrodes. In my engine,
>      they> performed no differently than the 2-year old NGK BP6ES
>      I removed. No> increase in fuel economy, no change in
>      performance.>> So, the expensive plugs that are touted as a
>      cure-all, magic solution to> ignition woes are usually just
>      another way to lighten your wallet.>> Lawrie> British
>      Sportscar Center

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