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Undercoating Removal

Subject: Undercoating Removal
Date: Thu, 6 Sep 2001 10:51:52 EDT
Thanks to all of you for the large number of comments and suggestions.
I tried a heat gun which puts out 650* to 750*on a couple of portions of the 
frame last evening. It softened up the undercoating and most of it could be 
easily scraped off. I'll next try to remove the balance with paint thinner or 
alcohol which cleaned up my tools quite well.
I never thought the undercoating would budge as it is very hard, but this 
suggestion is very good. 
I should note that the gun produces a very hot blast; I couldn't leave it on 
in one place for long; maybe 10-15 seconds. I kept moving it around keeping 
about 4-5 inches away and increasing the distance as the undercoating 
softened up being careful not to light the tar and the car up. 
Needless to say the fuel tank and fuel line areas will stay as is unless I 
find an efficient heat free method.
I plan to remove the undercoating around the lower frame areas, wire brush 
the slight rust that appears and try Correless from Eastwood, then paint the 
frame black.
Thanks again to all of you for your suggestions.
Larry in CT

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