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Tires for your MGB

Subject: Tires for your MGB
From: James Howard <>
Date: Thu, 06 Sep 2001 09:45:55 -0700
I had 185/70s on my 66 BGT, and didn't like them.  Mainly because I got
tired of replacing the muffler under the center of the car.  It would
hit driveway entrances, speed bumps, etc.  Also, the speedometer said I
was going faster than I really was. So, I put 165R14 Vredesteins on it. 
They were a blast to drive, since I could squeal the tires on corners if
I wanted, and the muffler lasted longer.  The tires didn't last long,
however, and this last time I went to 175R14s, mainly because they were
$26 each and the tire store had them in stock.  They are
Kelly-Springfields, and are a little less than 0.5" in diameter larger
than the 165s.  They are also a hoot to drive on, and I am happy.  Only
have about 1000 miles on them so far.


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