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MGA sway bars

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Subject: MGA sway bars
From: stevep <>
Date: Thu, 06 Sep 2001 08:24:49 -0700
Greetings all

While rebuilding the front end of my 58 mga I am interested in the
possibilites of adding a front sway bar.  Moss lists three sizes, but which
is best for spirited street driving with standard sized radial tires? Moss
mentions that with slight modification the bars can be fitted to the A,
what exactly do they mean "modification", welding? drilling?  or....

Also, is there any one out there that offers a rear sway bar?

thanks in advance

FYI: Anyone who likes auto racing should plan on attending the SCCA runoffs
at Mid-Ohio sports car course the weekend of Sept 21-23.  Twenty some races
of all sorts of cars.  Great competition, not many spectators and plenty of
british cars,  especially MG's

Steve Petrosky
58A, 78B

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