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fuel pump?

Subject: fuel pump?
From: Montgomery Morris <>
Date: Mon, 17 Sep 2001 21:15:34 -0700
Just got back from a 3 hour ride in the 79B that I bought in June. It had
only been driven about 100 miles/year for the last 5 years and had a new
fuel pump installed a few years ago. Tonight everything was running great
(65-70mph) then it started cutting out and within 3 miles died. Would then
start and run for a second or so then die again. 5 minutes later, started
and ran fine for about 30 minutes and did the same thing at a stop sign but
started right up again. Ran fine on highway, then repeated above at another
stop.Checked coil wire, etc. 
Do you think fuel pump? I have an old one in the parts that I got with the
car (does everyone get a pile of parts when they buy an MG?) that I have
cleaned the points on. Should I put it back on, order a rebuild kit? I
thought I saw somewhere recently that the diaphragm sometimes needs
stretching? Which brings up another question, where do I go to search the
archives for previous answers to inquiries?

Went to the British Car Show in St. Louis last weekend and saw a lot of
stuff to put on my "wish list". My first car show!
79B (novice owner and not a mechanic!!)

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