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Rear Muffler Bracket & Supports

Subject: Rear Muffler Bracket & Supports
From: Eugene Balinski <>
Date: Thu, 20 Sep 2001 23:36:59 -0300

   The rubber supports on the rear muffler/tail pipe support
have separated. I removed the old ones and got ready to install
the new ones that came with the kit.  I niticed that there
are 4 fiber washers apparently to keep the heat from the 
rubber.  The old installation had 6.  Both Moss and VB call 
for 4 and the drawings in the catalogs are not clear.   

   Could someone with a late B please take a quick look at their
tail pipe support assembly and tell me the order of all of the 
washers (split, fender, and fiber) with respect to the brackets - 
i.e. which side does the fiber washer go and where are the 
flat washers with respect to them.  I know that this trivial
with respect to most things on te list, but it is driving 
me nuts! 

   Thanks very very much in advance,

         80 B

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