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Re: Biscuit vs Autumn Leaf - Difference?

To: "Andy Drake" <>,
Subject: Re: Biscuit vs Autumn Leaf - Difference?
From: Eddie Sheffield <>
Date: Fri, 21 Sep 2001 12:49:32 -0400
On Friday 21 September 2001 12:35 pm, Andy Drake wrote:
> Here's a simple, dumb question for everyone. How do I know the difference
> between Autumn Leaf and Biscuit?

Here's some pics of Paul Tegler's Biscuit interior in his Midget. I have 
Autumn leaf in my Midget, and it's a definite, dark to medium dark brown. 
There is a BIG difference in the two! I don't have any pics up of my Midget 
right now or I'd point you to them.

1971 Midget

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