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Re: The New MGX80

Subject: Re: The New MGX80
Date: Thu, 27 Sep 2001 15:07:16 EDT
To all, 
To me when I think of an "MG" my mind automatically fixates itself on a 
little 2 seat roadster image. Come on now fellahs (MG Designers) lately Mazda 
has made a number of 2+ seat topless jobs, so have BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar 
and (gulp!) Corvette. Why can't you guys at Rover-MG give US guys another 
MGTC, MGA or  MGB type (MGR, MGF..?) Something we can call a sports car. I'm 
sick of these economy sedans with the trick paint jobs fancy wheels and 
flared exhausts! I want a 2 seat MG roadster! I myself never really even 
appreciated those wonderful little Magnettes much less the MG 1100's, and I 
can only take the MG/GT's for just so long until I go looking for something 
to cut off the tops with! I'm an MG Roadster fan and never thought much about 
getting an MG coupe nor an MG sedan.(well... an Airline PA, maybe!) But not 
this semi fastback looking "thing" from The Rover MG Design Studio. And 
you're so on target saying that its MG's "Fast and Furious" look. I looked 
hard at the emblem on the frontal area, is that the Octagon? Sorry I couldn't 
tell from my vantage point. Thats just me. I get used to things in a certain 
way..Albert Escalante 1978 MGB roadster

Here look at it yourselves, thanks to Rick Brown>><< (The New MGX80)

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