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Subject: starting
From: Montgomery Morris <>
Date: Thu, 27 Sep 2001 16:54:40 -0700
Hi All.
I have a 79B that died on me after some highway driving and wouldn't
restart. Started after 30 minutes. Drove it an hour home on highway, died
at a stop but restarted. Got it home, and it died in the drive and won't
restart. Will fire, but not run, unless you keep the ignition switch to the
start position then it will and seems to rev up fine (even though the
starter is still engaged). It has been retrofited by PO probably at least 6
years ago with an electronic ignition (RCA, I believe). I have taken the
distributor off and checked the air gap on the photoelectric eye and sanded
all connections in the vicinity of the distributor. I have also installed a
new ignition switch and it still does the same thing. The only thing that
I've found wrong is the #4 plug wire's copper connector where it goes into
the distributor is about half gone. I sanded all connections, including
plug wires to distributor and coil. 
The car has run great up until this point, and still seems to run great
when it decides to start. The only prewarning that I had was that a few
times when I went to start it, I got nothing with the key in the start
position, turned it back and then back again and it started (this is why I
thought it might be the ignition switch). Installed a new stereo a week or
so before this and every once in a while the power to the radio would cut
off, then come on again later. Fuses didn't blow.
I have a new Crane X-7000 electronic ignition in the box, but I hate to not
be able to send it back if you KNOWLEDGEABLE ONES deem that this is
probably not the cause. I have a road trip planned for Saturday morning, so
any help will be greatly appreciated!
Kahoka, MO

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