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Re: Top Cover

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Subject: Re: Top Cover
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Date: Fri, 1 Feb 2002 15:36:14 -0000
There are 1/2 tonneau covers and top covers.  The former clip onto the heel
board - tonneau bars are optional.  The latter just seem to sit on top of
the hood and hang down in front very little from what I can see.

The tonneau bars with the 1/2 tonneau, or full tonneau clipped to the heel
board, do result in a more 'sculptured' appearance if that is what turns you

When the full tonneau is used as a full cockpit cover the tonneau bars
should be reversed to how they are shown in the handbook so that they run in
front of the seat backs.  That way they raise the *centre* of the cover and
stop rain pooling and leaking through the zip.

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