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Re: Valve Tick Tick / Valve Recession

Subject: Re: Valve Tick Tick / Valve Recession
From: Rocky Frisco <>
Date: Mon, 04 Feb 2002 11:43:58 -0600
"Bob D." wrote:
> Should an XPAG engine tick louder than a B-series? Also, will hardened valve
> seats and stellite valves reduce valve recession to a negligible level? It
> seems to me that if you take valve recession out of the picture, then wear
> would always move the valve lash in the "loose" direction. I guess what I'm
> curious about is:
> Is valve recession eliminated with the latest valve and seat materials?
> If so, will wear always increase the valve lash?

Seems to me that wear at the valve/seat area will allow the valve to
ride higher in the head, decreasing the clearance, tightening the

I think the hardened seat and stellite valves will help prevent wear
and recession, especially that recession associated with unleaded

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