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Re: Valve Tick Tick / Valve Recession

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Subject: Re: Valve Tick Tick / Valve Recession
From: Max Heim <>
Date: Mon, 04 Feb 2002 10:10:52 -0800
Good questions.

I assume that hardened valve seats should reduce recession to negligible.
And it's logical that wear would always move lash in the loose direction.
But IME when it's time to adjust the valves, some of them are too loose, and
some of them are too tight. I have never attempted to track this phenomenon
over time to see if the same valves are always exhibiting the same behavior.
If they were, I would think I would have experienced some symptoms of VSR by
now, given the mileage on this engine.

My explanation has always been that the adjusters migrate over time. I don't
know if this really makes sense, on examination. But I don't know what else
I can attribute it to.

on 2/3/02 9:39 PM, Bob D. at wrote:

> Should an XPAG engine tick louder than a B-series? Also, will hardened valve
> seats and stellite valves reduce valve recession to a negligible level? It
> seems to me that if you take valve recession out of the picture, then wear
> would always move the valve lash in the "loose" direction. I guess what I'm
> curious about is:
> Is valve recession eliminated with the latest valve and seat materials?
> If so, will wear always increase the valve lash?
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