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Re: Valve Tick Tick

Subject: Re: Valve Tick Tick
Date: Mon, 4 Feb 2002 15:58:54 EST
The characteristic "Tic, Tic, Tic" is probably the main reason that when I'm 
asked how my MGB runs, I can answer quite honestly that "It sounds just like 
a Sewing machine...!" And although I've never been too keen on using engine 
additives of any sort, lately I've been really tempted to add some sort of 
thick oil additive like STP or Motor Honey into the MGB's engine?  Would this 
help quiet the noise and possibly increase the oil pressure to the valves, 
thus helping to quiet them? Or would it just be a waste of money with no 
beneficial results. Hearing the                                               
                                                telemarketers expound upon    
                           the merits and incredible restorative and 
protective properties of one particular oil additive makes me almost want to 
run out and buy a 6 month supply right away. I heard them say that it quiets 
excessive engine noise as well as stopping oil burning from bad rings, so of 
course I'm skeptical of this product. Although running my car with no oil or 
water and then pouring sand  into the crankcase does sound rather 
Albert Escalante  
1977 XJ-6Lump, 1978 MGB
Central Coast British Car Club 
Ventura, Ca.

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