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Re: Valve Tick Tick

Subject: Re: Valve Tick Tick
Date: Mon, 04 Feb 2002 15:35:57 -0600
At 03:58 PM 2/4/02 -0500, wrote:
>.... And although I've never been too keen on using engine additives of 
>any sort, lately I've been really tempted to add some sort of thick oil 
>additive like STP or Motor Honey into the MGB's engine?  Would this help 
>quiet the noise and possibly increase the oil pressure to the valves, thus 
>helping to quiet them? Or would it just be a waste of money with no 
>beneficial results. ....

Increasing the oil viscosity beyond a reasonable point may actually reduce 
the amount of oil getting  to the rocker shaft.  More viscus (thicker) oil 
has more resistance to flow, which can cause it to build up a little more 
back pressure near the pump and pressure relief valve.  This can cause more 
oil to be dumped over the relief valve and leave less oil to be passed 
through the rest of the engine.  This is why it is common to see a low oil 
pressure reading on startup in sub-freezing temperatures.  And when the oil 
flow through the engine is reduced, the rocker shaft is the first to 
suffer, because it is on the end of the oil delivery route.

Barney Gaylord
1958 MGA with an attitude

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