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RE: Altitude and compression ratio table

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Subject: RE: Altitude and compression ratio table
From: "Larry Hoy" <>
Date: Mon, 4 Feb 2002 19:17:46 -0700
Hmm, Looks like I forgot to snip the trailer on the message I sent to to
the list and Enrique, here it is for the rest of you.  See, Enrique
asked "who was the guy that posted the table that adjusts compression
for altitude"?  I figured since I live at 5400 feet I might have that
message in my personal archives.  I did, and when I found it guess who
the author was?  Enrique!

====================original message I sent:

It was you Enrique.

Hi James and all, I copied the most important part of the compression
here it is:


1000                    0.9711
2000                    0.9428
3000                    0.9151
4000                    0.8881
5000                    0.8617  
6000                    0.8359
7000                    0.8106
8000                    0.7860

All you have to do is multiply your compression readings by the factor 
according to the altitude you live at.  HTH, Enrique

P.S. got the data from Tom Wilsons book  How to rebuild your air cooled

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> Hey Larry, did I get a laugh from your post.  About five years ago a
> on the list sent a much more detailed math equation, explanation and 
> table.  As you see from the list the altitude factor stops at 8000 and
> need to go up to 12000. I could graf and extrapolate but the relation
> not linear unfortunately. Thanks for taking the time to look this
stuff up 
> on your files. Enrique

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