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Re: Engine Number question..

Subject: Re: Engine Number question..
From: Bullwinkle <>
Date: Mon, 04 Feb 2002 23:18:46 -0600
Information from Neil Cairns I believe.

After 1970 the system was again changed, and simple types were just

85   848cc              99   998cc         10   1098cc       12   1275cc
16  1622cc              18  1798cc         22   2200cc        

with either a 'V' or an 'H' after it.  16V meant vertical,( in-line), as
the Sherpa van, or 18V as in both the later Sherpa and MGB, and Morris
Marina 1800. 12V would be in an Ital, and 12H in Metro, H meaning
(FWD.) It was the  group of numbers/letters after that denoted the
ie, 18V-584F for a UK specification engine on the MGB.

Sprite Mk4/ MG Midget Mk3              1275cc   12CC or 12CE home market
     ..          ..                             12CD or 12CJ  N. America
    ..          ..                             after Oct '72, 12V/586F/H
home market
     ..          ..                             12V/671Z/L  N. America

** 18V was followed with a code for the market, such as if a 'Y' appears
the prefix, it is a Europe spec car; if a 'F' a UK spec car; if a 'Z' a
north America spec car. An 'AE' after 1975 is a car with a catylist
for California. The emmission controls, timing changes, etc, require a
shop manual to identify the huge numbers of changes.

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