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Engine Number question..

Subject: Engine Number question..
Date: Mon, 4 Feb 2002 09:21:28 -0800
AS you are all probably aware of I just aquired my first MG Midget, I wrote
down the engine number to see if I could find something out about it, the
moss catalog doesn't cover all the number's s o I was hoping someone out
there maybe able to fill me in on the rest of the info....


Ok, what I have figured out is, it's a 1275 low compression engine, but
what does the V and the 671Z mean.....????

ANd one other question, the car is an olive drab color, but that didn't
come out till 74, I think it's supposed to be limeflower, but where do I
find the info on the original color, and how do I check the coding for

73 Midget (Limey)

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