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Re: Safety Fast - Cops are not all that bad. (OT)

To: "James H. Nazarian, Ph.D." <>
Subject: Re: Safety Fast - Cops are not all that bad. (OT)
From: "Kai M. Radicke" <>
Date: Tue, 5 Feb 2002 00:37:01 -0500
> Kai, I'm truly sorry for your mother's collision, and your getting
> caught speeding especially when this happens before the ink
> dried on the previous incident. BUT... do I  detect an attitude?

Slight attitude indeed, James.  I was peeved... as anyone is when they get a
ticket.  I didn't say I didn't deserve the ticket on the list though... it
is just typical of a double standard which permeates society, that one crime
of equal importance is overlooked and another of similar circumstances
(another vehicle related violation) is assessed the maximum penalty allowed
by law.

My initial post was mainly in humour, to let Jack know what going 25mph over
the speedlimit will cost you and to let Jerry know I had worse luck than
him.  I'm an upper-middle class, twenty year old, white male who was driving
a late model European sedan... of course I have no chance of getting out of
a ticket ;-)


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