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Lost oil pressure found, no clutch

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Subject: Lost oil pressure found, no clutch
From: "Ken Waringa" <>
Date: Tue, 5 Feb 2002 06:38:36 -0600
The first weekend in January our club started an engine rebuild session in
my garage (thanks to my lovely wife).  It was supposed to be a 3 week
project, but we're still at it.  My car isn't ready for the engine to be
installed, but it sure looks pretty sitting on the stand.  We also rebuilt
the engine for a 1972 MGB (no oil pressure problem) and a 1968 MGBGT.  The
saga continues.

Thanks for all the responses on the lack of oil pressure.  Last night we
looked at the remaining gaskets in our set and compared it to an old oil
pump.  The gasket we had leftover in our set fit the pump exactly.  Oh well,
we removed the pan, removed the oil pump and there was the offending gasket.
It looked great on the block, just didn't match the oil pump.  Hopefully it
will go back together today.

The other engine is back in the BGT and running great.  John didn't realize
his oil pressure gauge went that high.  However, while he had the engine out
he changed the rubber hose to the clutch slave cylinder.  Now he can't get
the clutch to disengage.  We bled and bled last night with no luck.  It will
be Saturday before we can get back to this problem.  Most likely we'll start
by bleeding some more.  We are getting just under 1/2 inch movement at the
slave cylinder.  During reassembly we were careful to install the clutch
disk the right way around.  We made sure the throw out bearing was fastened
to the arm properly.  Anything else we should check?

Thanks, hopefully we'll get all this sorted out by this weekend.  We sure
are learning a lot, and having a good time doing it.


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