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Re: Lost oil pressure found, no clutch

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Subject: Re: Lost oil pressure found, no clutch
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Date: Tue, 5 Feb 2002 15:08:33 -0000
If you are getting 1/2" or so of movement at the slave piston then bleeding
is not the problem.  If the piston is moving the arm the same distance, and
if the arm is returning under the heavy spring pressure of the diaphragm
(and not light pressure from some other pull-off spring?) then it is a bit
of a mystery.  Have you tried cranking it in gear with the clutch down and
handbrake off?  Starting it in gear, moving off, and slamming the brakes on
with the pedal down?

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Subject: Lost oil pressure found, no clutch

> The other engine is back in the BGT and running great.  John didn't
> his oil pressure gauge went that high.  However, while he had the engine
> he changed the rubber hose to the clutch slave cylinder.  Now he can't get
> the clutch to disengage.  We bled and bled last night with no luck.  It
> be Saturday before we can get back to this problem.  Most likely we'll
> by bleeding some more.  We are getting just under 1/2 inch movement at the
> slave cylinder.  During reassembly we were careful to install the clutch
> disk the right way around.  We made sure the throw out bearing was
> to the arm properly.  Anything else we should check?

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