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RE: RE; no clutch

Subject: RE: RE; no clutch
Date: Tue, 5 Feb 2002 10:17:50 -0500
I had a complete empty clutch system after the GT's rebuild.
Bleeding went easy. My method was my son was pressing the pedal and I
operated the bleeding valve.
IMHO the special method I used was veryy effective:
When pressing the pedal had effect at the slave cylinder with movement, I
then asked my son to keep the pedal pressed in fully. At this time I opened
the bleed valve and the air - mostly with fluid came out of the valve. The
clutch pressure from the actual clutch made the bleeding stream very

This operation went on for 20 times until no air bubbles came out.
Always check the master cylinder if this remains at a decent level while
doing this job! 



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Subject: RE; no clutch

When you are bleeding the clutch, make sure that you wait at least 30
between strokes.

Or, if  you have a reverse bleeder use it.  It can save a lot of time.

Maynard Hirsch

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