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Re: reference material (Moss suppliers)

Subject: Re: reference material (Moss suppliers)
From: "James Laukaitis" <>
Date: Tue, 5 Feb 2002 10:21:16 -0500
Ok I have a question,

      In response to Jon asking about reference material Steve replied:
>>First thing is to get a Moss catalog.  There are a couple of suppliers on

>>this list and they can help with parts and %off Moss prices.
Now my question is who are these suppliers? Please step foward. I look at
sigs. and sometimes you just can't tell. All I know of is LBCC. If this is
a not really the type of content we want pushed on the group (i.e. buy from
me) thats fine, please reply to me directly. Otherwise here is your chance
to solicit, I am on a very strict budget. I just turned down going to the
Elton John/Billy Joel concert, because I felt that the $187 would be better
spent on parts for my car. I'll remind my wife when I decide what I need (I
don't particularly like EJ or BJ).


Jim Laukaitis
'67 BGT
Stop playin around, stop playin around, this old town too long. Feels like
I gotta... travel home.

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