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Subject: RE: reference material (Moss suppliers)
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Date: Tue, 5 Feb 2002 18:18:38 -0700
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>Hope I don't get into too much trouble with my friends, the resellers,
but there's something else to consider.

I think Moss walks a fine line between a direct catalog seller and
distribution warehouse.  I would be surprised if there isn't a regular
discussion about this at their shop.  They certainly have to supply and
support their distributors, and it's obvious not everyone in the world
has a relationship with a distributor so they also act as a catalog
retailer.  A quandary.

To complicate the issue Moss' ultimate consumer is typically a hobbyist.
Their LBC may be a "toy" or luxury.  When you need a turn signal switch
for your daily driver you go to the dealer and buy it.  When you need to
spend that money on the "toy" you agonize over it, look for the deals,
and try to figure out how to repair the part.  After all it is a hobby.
The great thing is, Moss seems to understand this.

If you are buying your Moss parts from someone other than Moss, that
reseller may, or may not, offer a discount.  Either way I'm sure Moss
would hope that your distributor would guide and assist you.  Their
distributors also have catalogs and can supply them to you with your
parts order (getting a catalog from a distributor may save Moss the
postage and handling on the catalog, they still have to produce it).
People like Lawrie Alexander , who actually
owns a repair facility, spend a good deal of time helping and advising
their customers, as well as all of us on this list.  

I admire Kelvin for his contributions to this list, his honest
assessment of various products Moss offers, and his genuine interest in
our cars.  And heaven knows he's helped me out on more than one
occasion.  You don't seem to see any other "full line" parts suppliers
contributing to this list.  Some how the professionals that frequent
this list all seem to have some connection to Moss Motors.  Wonder why
that is?

One other resource that Moss has for all of us it a great web site.
Even someone without a catalog could buy off their web site.  I'm sure
it was an expensive site to develop, I've found it to be a great

So I'm done, off my soapbox.  Lawrie, Kelvin, write me off line and I'll
tell you where you can send the check ... <G>


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> Subject: Re: reference material (Moss suppliers)
> Hi Bob (and others),
> Kelvin Dodd, list member who works for Moss, and I just went 
> through a series of emails that I initiated by sort of 
> complaining that I haven't been getting any correspondence 
> from Moss.  It turns out that I've been doing virtually all 
> of my parts buying from Lawrie, Skip, etc., rather than from 
> Moss.  Let me copy and paste a bit of Kelvin's email to me 
> after I complained about not receiving literature.  He wrote:
> Bud:
>         Now you know the problem we are faced with.  The 
> extra margin between wholesale and retail is what covers the 
> costs of direct mailings. If every body bought from our 
> resellers, there would be no catalogs.
> It made me give a bit of thought to the topic, but YMMV.
> Bud Krueger
> 52TD

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