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Re: reference material (Moss suppliers)

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Subject: Re: reference material (Moss suppliers)
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Date: Tue, 5 Feb 2002 18:32:42 -0800
Larry, you make an interesting point. I had not consciously realized before
now, but you are quite correct in stating that we never hear from V-B, TRF
or any of their re-sellers. Kinda proves which of the "Big Three" really
does car, doesn't it?

(who ain't about to send you a check in any denomination, however much
flattery you publish!!!!!)
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Date: Tuesday, February 05, 2002 5:36 PM
Subject: RE: reference material (Moss suppliers)

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>>Hope I don't get into too much trouble with my friends, the resellers,
>but there's something else to consider.
>I think Moss walks a fine line between a direct catalog seller and
>distribution warehouse.  I would be surprised if there isn't a regular
>discussion about this at their shop.  They certainly have to supply and
>support their distributors, and it's obvious not everyone in the world
>has a relationship with a distributor so they also act as a catalog
>retailer.  A quandary.
>To complicate the issue Moss' ultimate consumer is typically a hobbyist.
>Their LBC may be a "toy" or luxury.  When you need a turn signal switch
>for your daily driver you go to the dealer and buy it.  When you need to
>spend that money on the "toy" you agonize over it, look for the deals,
>and try to figure out how to repair the part.  After all it is a hobby.
>The great thing is, Moss seems to understand this.
>If you are buying your Moss parts from someone other than Moss, that
>reseller may, or may not, offer a discount.  Either way I'm sure Moss
>would hope that your distributor would guide and assist you.  Their
>distributors also have catalogs and can supply them to you with your
>parts order (getting a catalog from a distributor may save Moss the
>postage and handling on the catalog, they still have to produce it).
>People like Lawrie Alexander , who actually
>owns a repair facility, spend a good deal of time helping and advising
>their customers, as well as all of us on this list.
>I admire Kelvin for his contributions to this list, his honest
>assessment of various products Moss offers, and his genuine interest in
>our cars.  And heaven knows he's helped me out on more than one
>occasion.  You don't seem to see any other "full line" parts suppliers
>contributing to this list.  Some how the professionals that frequent
>this list all seem to have some connection to Moss Motors.  Wonder why
>that is?
>One other resource that Moss has for all of us it a great web site.
>Even someone without a catalog could buy off their web site.  I'm sure
>it was an expensive site to develop, I've found it to be a great
>So I'm done, off my soapbox.  Lawrie, Kelvin, write me off line and I'll
>tell you where you can send the check ... <G>

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