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RE: Not Valve Tick Tick

Subject: RE: Not Valve Tick Tick
Date: Wed, 6 Feb 2002 03:54:00 -0500
I once had this noise in the engine of my very 1st car: a Citroen 2 CV AZAM
1965. This was the De Luxe type where the wipers had a parking option,
rather than the regular type where you had to switch the wipers off on your
desired position....

The engine suffered of serious wear of the main crankshaft bearings.
It did not last long before the engine died.
There are methods to check this by tilting the shaft at the pully when the
belt is off. Perhaps other listers know better ways.

I hope this did not scare you to much.



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Subject: Not Valve Tick Tick

I am trying to diagnose a noise that is louder than a valve tick tick.  It
more of a tock tock and occurs when the car is at idle-low rpm 900-1200.  It

goes away above 1200 RPM, so I usually only hear the noise when the car is 
warmed up and I come to a stop.  I am running my 69 BGT with the Weber
at 20 degrees BTDC.   A friend of mine suggested that it may be piston slap.

Any other thoughts?

Primrose 69B GT w/Slideback Webasto 

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