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RE: Dist. replacement. - hesitation

Subject: RE: Dist. replacement. - hesitation
Date: Wed, 6 Feb 2002 03:46:18 -0500
I don't think this  is the issue. The coughing occurs very fast after the
start before the carbs could be frozen. For instance when I do not pull the
choke far enough it is easy to reproduce directly after the start of the
engine while driving the 1st meters.



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Subject: Re: Dist. replacement. - hesitation wrote:
> This hesitation triggered me:
> Since I have my BGT the engine shows some hesitation when the accellerator
> is pressed. This is felt best when this is done slowly when going at a low
> speed and low revs. It always occurs when going faster from a stable
> Especially when the engine is cold it is at worst.
> When hesitating then the engine sometimes backfires in the carburattors.
> When the engine comes to speed >2200 RPM the hesitation is over.
> The engine is recently tuned by a knowledgable guy.
> For the rest the car drives well.
> Dear list what is you opinion?

This might be icing in the dashpot, causing the dashpot to stick

My Cooper S did this until I added a dashpot heater band (common to
SU Carbs from Canada and Northern USA). The heater warms up the
dashpot area of the carb to prevent icing. This fixed the problem.

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