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Re: Dist. replacement. - hesitation

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Subject: Re: Dist. replacement. - hesitation
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Date: Wed, 6 Feb 2002 11:28:47 -0000
> To answer Paul's question my engine is as standard as possible using
> filters, however as the car has been defederalised from Californian
> standards this is a special case.
> Paul triggered me to the needle topic. The '71 BGT still has its original
> engine 18GK high pressure no OD.
> After having it defederalised according to the Porter How to ... manual
> needle type should I use?
> I purchased new needles from the local MG spares
> shop Octagon Spares - the guy is well knowledgable on MG's and has been
> Dutch MG Car Club Adviser on MGB, so at these days about 8 years ago I
> trusted him.
> (don't know needle type now as they are inside the SU's)
> Please advise needle type. Carb is the original HS4's with spring loaded
> needle.

Non-federalised 18GD and GG engines had FX as standard, No. 5 as rich, GZ as
weak - presumably all fixed.  Federalised 18GKs had spring-loaded AAL.

> The backfiring is in the carbs. I once saw it and the family just was
> looking to the car's first start and then the bang came - wow afterwards
> family had much more respect for the GT!!!!
> When the backfire happens, I can feel it on my throttle pedal.
> When backfiring happens, I saw no changes on the rev counter.

That could be cross-firing between cylinders, maybe new cap, rotor and leads
are called for, or possibly way too advanced, but then I would imagine you
would be aware of pinking.

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