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Tonneau top question 74 B

To: <>
Subject: Tonneau top question 74 B
From: Harry Edelman <>
Date: Wed, 06 Feb 2002 20:40:20 -0500
I have a 74B and want to put on a tonneau top.

I have all of the stud hardware necessary for behind the seats. I also have
a single Stud fastener in the middle of my windshield on my dash. I do not
have any other fasteners or studs in the front. At the base of the
windshield frame in front of the doors there is a chrome piece with a flat
surface on it. It is held in place when the door is closed. It looks like it
should also be held in place by a screw, but I may have to take the window
frame apart to properly put this screw in.

My question is this the other place a put fasteners for the top?

To attach it properly do I have to remove the windshield?

Why is this piece of chrome flat, should it have a stud attached or is that
added by the owner?

I apologize for not having a better description, but I can find not
information on this part or subject anywhere.

Thanks to all.

I can send a photo via email if this would help anyone.

Harry Edelman
Emma Gee

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