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RE: Tonneau top question 74 B

To: <>
Subject: RE: Tonneau top question 74 B
From: Harry Edelman <>
Date: Thu, 07 Feb 2002 19:45:28 -0500
Thanks for all the input. As a confirmed lurker I usually do not post
questions, but knew I had the right place to get the answers.

It appears that my MG does not have the snaps or holes that Malcom mentions.

Malcom if you could take some digital photos of the post area where the
snaps and/or holes are I am certain I can accomplish this. I do not need you
to take out your tonneau and partial install it, just a couple of photos of
where they attach. Send directly to me at so as to not clutter
up the list.


Harry Edelman
Emma Gee

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