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Re: One Begets Another - Stalled (long)

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Subject: Re: One Begets Another - Stalled (long)
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Date: Thu, 07 Feb 2002 11:20:49 -0500
>         Do you know why she is so attached to it?  Is the story
>interesting? If not private, tell all. I'm on pins and needles.

This not his story but it brings to mind when we bought our first MG. The 
car was owned by an English woman who had just gotten divorced in the town 
I work in. She dearly loved the car and had owned it for about ten years. 
They never had enough money to really take care of the car but were able to 
keep it pieced together while they owned it. As part of the divorce she was 
forced to sell the car. She really could not bring herself to do it but 
after a long while she finally put the car on the lawn with a for sale 
sign. However, the for sale sign was actually on the seat, she never did 
put into the window as that would have drawn people who might wish to take 
the car from her. Her ex- getting frustrated in her feeble attempts to get 
rid of that 'thing' put a 3x5 ad up at the hospital where I bring most of 
my patients. From time to time I check the board up in the cafeteria just 
to see what pops up. I made note of the card as many people of our like had 
the thought of "some day" or "I remember riding in my brother's Alpine 
years ago". I casually mentioned it to my Significant Other that evening 
while doing the dishes and all of the sudden she turns to me and says "You 
have to go back there and buy it right now before someone else does"!! This 
was right out the blue, we had a fifth anniversary coming up and wwe were 
considering going to the UK for a few days to celebrate but she wanted this 
instead. We went over with my brother and his son (who had a 74) and a copy 
of Porter's to look at the car. I do not think we ever took the book out of 
the car and within 20 mins decided that it ran well and the rust "was not 
too bad". We paid for the car the next day with no haggling. The woman told 
us that she had a few people come over and look at it but she did not like 
them and would not sell to them as it was her child and did not wish it to 
go the wrong hands. Since then we have been constantly restoring the car 
and it has some nice show wins behind it (first in class at the Conn MG 
Club show last year for one). We got engaged while sitting next to the car 
on a picnic We used the car at our wedding instead of a limo and took a 
week long cruise of New England as a honeymoon. It is the best thing we 
ever did as a couple (reason #48 why I married Judy). We have purchased two 
more since then selling them to other couples (pass on the magic). The Fall 
after it came out of body and paint we took the car over to her and she was 
almost in tears after showing what we had done to her car. She always 
dreamed of the way the car should have looked and we have fulfilled her 
vision and then some. Since then I go back at least once a season and give 
her a ride in it. The first time I did she was in tears and gave me big hug 
for taking such good care of her car. We have seven cars in our driveway(s) 
right now, five of them are competant appliances to take us all from point 
a to point b. Two of them are MGs. You cannot tell a person of the soul a 
pile of metal (and iron oxide) can have. The people are either in tune to 
it or not. Give her time and talk to her. Convince her you will be a good 
steward of her car and then be so.
Safety Fast

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