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Re: small parts needed

To: Rocky Frisco <>
Subject: Re: small parts needed
From: Bud Krueger <>
Date: Sun, 10 Feb 2002 06:32:31 -0500
Hi Rocky,

   I found that my 77B was missing one of the springs also. Lawrie Alexander
identified it and shipped it right to me.  They are in Moss' MGB-15 catalog, 
96, Items #115a (Bolt f/cover) and 115b (Spring washer).

Bud Krueger

Rocky Frisco wrote:

> I somehow lost the three small flat coil springs that go on the
> three stepped bolts that together hold the shift-lever cover to the
> top of the shift extension on the Victor. From the illustrations in
> the catalog, it would appear this is a 1978 - 80 MGB transmission. I
> called major suppliers in the US, but nobody seemed to know exactly
> what I was talking about, especially since the catalog I have calls
> these "washers," although they are definitely coil springs. They are
> obviously supposed to keep compression on the top of the ball on the
> shift lever without causing it to bind.
> I sure do need three of them and would buy a set of spares too, as
> well as spare stepped bolts, if I could find some.
> Anybody able to assist?
> -Rock in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA
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