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Re: Overdrive problem.....

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Subject: Re: Overdrive problem.....
From: Max Heim <>
Date: Sun, 10 Feb 2002 13:08:15 -0800
Part of the OD operation is hydraulic, so I am not surprised that low oil
would have an effect. Read up on it in the manual -- I admit it's a little
difficult to grasp. But I wouldn't assume an internal problem based on the
evidence so far.

on 2/10/02 6:56 AM, at wrote:

> Could be electrical, and should be the first thing to check anyway.  Unfused
> ignition (white) is fed to the manual switch on the dash, which feeds it
> down on a yellow (my diagrams show it changing to a yellow/red at a bullet
> connector) to the lockout switch on top of the gearbox, which when in 3rd
> and 4th feeds it on a yellow/purple to the solenoid.  I would be surprised
> if that amount of oil made the difference between working and no-working, so
> it (the problem) may come back. If you can cause it to switch in and out
> just by pulling the lever around when in 4th it is almost certainly either
> the switch on top of the gearbox being loose or worn, wear can be
> accomodated by removing one of the shims.  On the other hand if that amount
> of oil *does* make the difference, then I would imagine there is something
> marginal inside the o/d.
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> Subject: Re: Overdrive problem.....
>> Gurus of the MG list.....
>> Whilst out motoring today my overdrive started dropping in and out. I'd
> been
>> blasting around for a few hours when this malady occured....The car was
>> sitting at about 60mph and would suddenly drop out of O/D then  back in. I
>> tested it a couple of times with no ill effects. It proceeded as
> prescribed
>> or another half an hour then dropped out and this time refused to come
> back
>> on.
>> Consulting the trusty workshop manual revealed dire warnings about
> removing
>> engines to access O/D units and the like..You know the sort of scary stuff
>> you dont do unless you really have too. Anyway I noticed in the
>> troubleshooting section a mention about checking the gearbox oil level as
>> this can have a bearing on the operation of the O/D..Sure enough the level
>> was a tad low.......I filled it up...adding about 300ml and its now
> running
>> fine. My question is in your collective experiance have I solved the
> problem
>> or is there a serpent lurking in my gearbox waiting to strike my
> wallet????
>> The car is a 68 MGB Mk1.....


Max Heim
'66 MGB GHN3L76149
If you're near Mountain View, CA,
it's the primer red one with chrome wires

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